lover in law kindle thumbnail 3Lover in Law by Jo Kessel
Genre: commercial women’s fiction / romance
Price: $1.55
Where to Get It: 



Harbouring an unmentionable secret is not an obvious route to maternal bliss……….or is it?
Ali Kirk’s had a bad year. An ambitious London barrister, her courtroom performances have started to slide and her obsession with having a baby is undermining her relationship with boyfriend Adam. Come January 1st she resolves that in the next twelve months her life has to turn around.
Life, however, is about to get worse. Busy juggling fertility tests with a high-profile celebrity case at the Old Bailey, Ali starts burning the midnight oil with powerfully handsome colleague Anthony de Klerk. On a night that she’s slipped on some sexy underwear to boost her flagging self-esteem, Ali and Anthony finally end up in bed together. And then she falls pregnant. Ali starts fighting her very own secret paternity suit – who is the father, Adam or Anthony?
En route to motherhood there are highs and lows, tears and tantrums, dalliances and denials. And the ultimate, uncomfortable realisation that only one thing will set Ali free: the truth.

What they’re saying about it:

It’s entertaining, and I like the author’s voice in this book. I always like to read something a little different than most books in this genre, and this was definitely different (in a good way, of course).

I LOVED this book. It was so good that the last bit kept me awake way past my bedtime – it was impossible to put down! The story was well written and the characters easy to identify with straight away. It was a great story with some interesting little twists and a realistic take on modern day life and all the expectations that go with that. A mixture of detective, love, intrigue and suspense! It’s the sort of book that makes you question your own morals and principals! What would I have done in Ali’s situation – would I have got into it in the first place??


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