delvgithDelight Directed Learning: Guide Your Homeschooler Toward Passionate Learning by Lee Binz
Type: Non-fiction 
Genre:  Advice/How-to
Price: Currently 0.99, but free from 4/26 – 4/30
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Homeschoolers understand that a solid high school education involves  more than just the standard high school courses.  Yes, it is true that  mastering science, math, and literature is important for homeschoolers – and vitally important if college lies ahead.  But equally important are those subjects that the student is passionate about,  subjects that  they will study for hours on end, “just for the fun of it.”

This  delight directed learning is the true “secret sauce” of a great  homeschool education.  It will help your student stand out in a crowd of college applicants.  It can launch a career in business, or industry,  or the Arts.  It can lead to life-changing internships and real world  work experience.  It can open doors not just to college, but to life!

What are these delight directed topics?  How can you recognize them?  How  can you help your student discover them?  How can they be captured and  reflected on your student’s educational records?  These questions and  more are answered in “Delight Directed Learning,” the second book in Lee Binz’s brand new series, Coffee Break Books.   The first book in this  series, “Planning High School Courses,” describes the traditional high  school courses that every homeschool student who is leaning toward  college should cover.  This companion volume captures the other  components of a solid homeschool education, the extra, sometimes  non-traditional, subjects that make your child unique!

Designed  especially for parents who don’t want to spend hours and hours reading a 400-page book on homeschooling high school, this series combines Lee’s  practical and friendly approach with detailed, but easy-to-digest  information, perfect to read over a cup of coffee at your favorite  coffee shop!  Never overwhelming, always accessible and manageable,  each book in the series will give parents the tools they need to tackle  the tasks of homeschooling high school, one warm sip at a time.

Lee Binz, The HomeScholar, understands what it takes to graduate homeschool students who are fully prepared for college and for life.  Lee’s  practical advice and organized presentations have helped thousands of  homeschool parents muster the courage to complete their homeschooling  journey. She is both reassuring and empowering, and will give you the  knowledge you need to successfully graduate your high school student,  and have confidence that they are ready to take on the world.

A  firm believer that homeschooling provides the best possible learning  environment, and that parents are capable of providing a superior  education for their children, Lee’s mission is to encourage and equip  parents to homeschool through high school.

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What they’re saying about it:

5 Star! This little book is full of valuable tips on fostering your children’s  passions and turning those passions into high school courses.  Lee’s  encouraging tone gives confidence to think outside the box.  I found it  extremely helpful, and I highly recommend it!  – gphooker


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