Black Forest  Large jpgBlack Forest by David Thayer
Genre: Thriller

Price: $2.99
Where to get it:

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In post war Europe Arthur Murray hunted Nazis. In post war America  Arthur is home from the war, working as an insurance investigator in  Manhattan. It’s the era of the space program and rockets that will one  day carry us to the moon.  The scientists working on the Redstone  project include Germans who worked on the V2 program at places like  Peenemunde; one of them is targeted for abduction by the Israelis and  Arthur finds himself caught between opposing forces. For him it’s a  journey back in time, but now it seems the Nazis are hunting him.
“BLACK FOREST accomplishes what you hope every historical thriller will do. The pages flying by, you’re drawn in by its serpentine plot–but before long you’ve been seduced, willingly, into a world that is as exhilarating as it is deeply haunting. A bravura achievement.”–Megan Abbott, Edgar-winning author of Queenpin
“My test with debut novels lies in assessing the confidence of the writer, and David Thayer shows that in spades with BLACK FOREST. This is a fascinating historical thriller, driven forward with terse, hardboiled narration, but capturing time and place and the haunting power of the past with ease. BLACK FOREST is an original piece of work by a writer with talent, poise, and that great key, confidence. David Thayer has every right to be confident. He’s written a damned fine novel.” Michael Koryta, author of The Prophet.

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  1. Thanks to Holly for all her work!

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