inadvertentThe Inadvertent Thief by Leti Del Mar
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
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As a security specialist, Vivien Flowers is a perfectionist. So when two very important paintings she had been hired to protect are stolen, her  highly structured world is turned upside down and she must get them  back. It’s too bad art theft is not very high on the Los Angeles Police  Department’s list of priorities. So when Vivien is joined by a handsome  insurance agent eager to prevent the multi-million dollar claim from  being paid, they use any means necessary to track down the location of  the stolen paintings. But is Vivien willing to become a thief herself to get the paintings back? The answer leads her on a journey of intrigue,  deceit, crime and even love as she travels from Los Angeles to Paris and discovers the true brilliance she is capable of.

What they’re saying about it:

I totally loved it! defiantly not my usual type of read. I was a bit  skeptical at first but intrigued by the storyline. Leti Del Mar tells a  story that captures you and then doesn’t let go, I couldn’t put the  story down! Vivian is an amazing character who is so determined, witty,  hardheaded, but at the same time easily hurt. She blends well into the  world of art and security, and when she meets Walt/Nathan the book  couldn’t get any better!

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