9781568251462False as the Day Is Long: A Keegan  Shaw Mystery by Sandra J. Robson

Genre: Cozy mystery
Price: 99 cents
Where to Get It: 

At the request of an old lover, Keegan Shaw keeps an  appointment on a south Florida beach with Sunni Russell, a locally famous  businesswoman. Sunni wants to know who her birth father is and has been told  Keegan can be trusted and has a talent for sorting out secrets. She hires Keegan  to follow her mother to London, to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut, and to  report back.

Mrs. Russell, an ex-hippie who lives her life according to psychics, has kept  Sunni’s father a secret for 47 years. And despite the old saying, “If you can  remember London in the Sixties, you weren’t there,” Abby Russell remembers it  all: miniskirts, pot, free love, LSD, Carnaby Street, the Stones. But instead of  the warm, fuzzy buzz of nostalgia, she is haunted by the unsolved 1966 murder of  her flatmate, Susan Miachi.

Against Sunni’s instructions, Keegan befriends Mrs. Russell on the flight  over. Together they explore London’s post-recession art world and everyone who  has an interest in a particular posh West End gallery, including the  single-minded gallery owner, his aging ex-boyfriend, his bitter ex-wife, his hot  young girlfriend, his even hotter son, and an old writer friend.

Keegan realizes that some aren’t who they pretend to be and one is not quite  finished with murder.

What they’re saying about it:

Almost on a lark, Floridian freelance photojournalist Keegan  takes on a sleuthing assignment and finds her subject more complicated than  expected. Abby’s daughter, Sunni, has asked Keegan to follow Abby to London.  Secretive about her past, Abby has been acting suspiciously and Sunni thinks  London might be where her birth father lives. Believing she’s on a paternity  hunt, Keegan soon learns that Abby was party to an unsolved murder that claimed  her roommate’s life back in 1966. Abby might be seeking closure for a terrible  chapter in her life, but now someone else wants to eliminate her entirely.  Keegan is caught up in a swirling scene of jealousy, long-simmering hatred, and  folks on the run. VERDICT One woman’s  search for her past threatens those who were left behind. Robson’s effective use  of twists and turns is nicely paced and introduces an engaging protagonist with  plenty of her own skeletons in the closet to explore. More Keegan, please.”

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