ThoroughlyModernAmanda_w7277_750Thoroughly Modern  Amanda by Susan  Macatee
Type: novella
Genre:  Time Travel Romance
Price: $3.99
Where to  Get It:

The Wild Rose Press     Amazon     Barnes and Noble       All Romance  Ebooks 


Believing anything is  possible, magazine reporter Amanda Montgomery dreams about being a modern woman  in a nineteenth century world, much like her exceptional step-mother. But  society expects well-off young ladies to focus on finding a suitable husband and  raising a family. And then Jack appears–with no past and unconventional ideas.  Does he hold the key to another century as well as her heart, or is she destined  to stay in her own time?

Construction worker Jack Lawton wants to  preserve an old home that’s scheduled for demolition.  But when he sneaks  inside for a final look, a loose beam falls on the head, and upon waking, he  finds himself in the arms of a beautiful woman. His only problem–he’s no longer  in the twenty-first century. Can he find his way back home?

Does he  really want to?

What they’re saying about  it:

I love a good time travel story, and this one did  not disappoint. Amanda’s determination and courage to be her own person, at a  time when women were not supposed to have strong personalities, was admirable,  and I liked Jack’s acceptance and willingness to be flexible in the impossible  circumstances of being thrust backwards in time. This story has the expected  happily ever after, but not exactly where I had expected. This was an  interesting and fun read, and one that is easy to recommend.”


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