RID COVER 11ab380Rise of the Drakyn by Leonard Little
Genre: Epic fantasy
Price: Reg. 2.99 now only .99 until June 15, 2013 
Where to Get It:



5000 years ago, the dragons gave up their magic, their souls and even their lives to keep Mor’Drak from turning their world into a dark place of carnage and mayhem. Will Marcus the unheralded heir to dragon’s throne accept his destiny and defeat the dark lord who controls its power? Can he rescue Chelene–the beautiful healer / dragon-mate who has stolen his heart–from the Dark Lord’s clutches, or will the flesh eating dragons hatched from the dead eggs of a dark queen -the drakyn- rip the amulet his mother gave him from his throat, killing the last hope of a world turned suddenly violent.

Trees give Marcus visions of the past and future. An owl lends him its eyes to oversee a battle. He links his spirit to horses, wolves and even the vile drakyn as he discovers his innate ability to weave the elemental spirits of power

What they’re saying about it:

“A good first book to an epic journey into the fantasy world that Leonard Little has created for hisaudience.”ppmoses

“The battle between good and evil is epic in this quest and the lines of morality are explored andtested.”?wazithinkin

“I am hoping the next book comes out soon, I can’t wait to see where the rest of the story goes!!”mom of three


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