Teeter-Totter Final JPEGTeeter-Totter between Lust and  Murder by Steven M. Moore
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Price: $4.99
Where To Get It:
With  Teeter-Totter between Lust and Murder, Steve Moore continues the “Detectives  Chen and Castilblanco Series.” The sleuths of The Midas Bomb and Angels Need Not  Apply will embroil you in action and suspense yet again.  As  a mystery novel, it is a dark probing into the nexus the crime underworld  sometimes enjoys with the rich and powerful. Chen is arrested for the murder of  a senator in circumstances that seem to leave no doubt of her guilt, but  Castilblanco helps prove her innocence.  With  this new crime novel, Steve continues the saga of your two favorite detectives  as they and their companions fight the corrupting influence of the illegal  weapons trade.

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