9781568251462 (1)False as the Day Is Long: A Keegan Shaw  Mystery by Sandra J. Robson
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Price:  99 cents
Where to Get It:



At the request of an old lover, Keegan Shaw  keeps an appointment on a south Florida beach with Sunni Russell, a locally  famous businesswoman. Sunni wants to know who her birth father is and has been  told Keegan can be trusted and has a talent for sorting out secrets. She hires  Keegan to follow her mother to London, to keep her eyes open and her mouth shut,  and to report back.      Mrs. Russell, an ex-hippie who  lives her life according to psychics, has kept Sunni’s father a secret for 47  years. And despite the old saying, “If you can remember London in the Sixties,  you weren’t there,” Abby Russell remembers it all: miniskirts, pot, free love,  LSD, Carnaby Street, the Stones. But instead of the warm, fuzzy buzz of  nostalgia, she is haunted by the unsolved 1966 murder of her flatmate, Susan  Miachi.      Against Sunni’s instructions, Keegan  befriends Mrs. Russell on the flight over. Together they explore London’s  post-recession art world and everyone who has an interest in a particular posh  West End gallery, including the single-minded gallery owner, his aging  ex-boyfriend, his bitter ex-wife, his hot young girlfriend, his even hotter son,  and an old writer friend.      Keegan realizes that some  aren’t who they pretend to be and one is not quite finished with murder.

What they’re saying about it:

A starred review from Library Journal (means it’s the best of  the best): “. . . Robson’s effective use of twists and turns is nicely paced and  introduces an engaging protagonist with plenty of her own skeletons in the  closet to explore. More Keegan, please.” —Teresa L. Jacobsen, “Mystery Reviews,” Library Journal (1May13)

“. . . Sandra Robson has created an engaging tell-it-like-it-is character  in Keegan Shaw. Written in a quirky witty style the description of London street  life and streetscapes made me feel I was right there with Keegan as she  navigates streets and lanes, catching up with what’s gone down or up since her  last visit in the eighties. . . . In a suspenseful, fast paced climax with  as many surprises, twists and turns as a 60’s psychedelic happening, Keegan  unmasks the identity of Susan’s killer and Sunni’s father. Great ending — who  would have thought? I didn’t. . . . I liked False As The Day Is Long — a well  written mystery with a fun, realistic lead character. The next Keegan Shaw  mystery is on my wish-list.” —Janet Walker, BookPleasures.com

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