razielsRaziel’s Shadow by Joseph Robert Lewis
Price: $2.99
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This is a classic adventure quest, a band of heroes on an arduous journey to save the world from great evil. But it’s also full of twists and anti-tropes, which I’ll talk about more later this week on my blog. Raziel’s Shadow combines the djinn, angels, and demons of Arabian mythology with the history of the Aksum Empire, which ruled over ancient Ethiopia and Eritrea for centuries. Intrigued?

From the back cover:

As the long-lost prince of a country conquered by demons, Zerai Djonn has known only hardship, fear, and death all his life. But the legends of the great magi warriors tempt him to travel east in the hopes of gaining divine powers so he might return to free his people and reclaim his grandfather’s throne.

But nothing goes according to plan. Upon returning home, Zerai is reduced to a mere guide, helping a band of powerful magi to cross a land infested with ghuls, ifrits, marids, and djinn in search of a way to undo the madness that was unleashed when the angel Raziel was murdered.

For a time, Zerai finds solace in the arms of a magi archer, but even this joy is short-lived when they discover two women from the distant south who are hiding a terrible secret that could either heal the world or usher it into a new age of darkness.


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