WADE BOSS HYBRID HUNTER - FCWade Boss: Hybrid Hunter by Marcus MacGregor
Genre:  YA adventure
Price:  $2.99
Where to Get It: 




Saddle up for a summer of adventure with the trail boss of YA fiction, Wade Boss: Hybrid Hunter!
Meet Wade: Texas-born stuntman, Hollywood animal trainer, and genuinely nice guy. He can’t say ‘no’ to someone in need, so when the L.A.P.D. asks for his help to catch an escaped tiger that’s gotten trapped in an old lady’s garage, he jumps in his super-sized pickup truck and races to the scene.

Wade finally corners the rogue animal, only to discover it is no tiger, but a half-tiger hybrid terror! By the skin of his teeth he survives and captures the ghastly beast unharmed, which puts him on the radar of a covert hybrid-hunting agency.
Wade’s conscience quickly embroils him in a desperate struggle to protect unsuspecting civilians from a growing threat: genetic hybrids being engineered – and then unleashed – by mad scientists-unknown!

But no sooner does Wade discover his affinity for hybrid hunting than he realizes it has turned his loved ones into targets…
Parents! Looking for teen boys books for Kindle? Teen girls books? The first installment of this YA fiction series will lasso ANY teen’s imagination with deadly monsters, worthy heroes, and a dash of CLEAN western romance!

This book is recommended for young adults, aged 12 and older, but is clean enough for younger audiences as well.


“Marcus [MacGregor] capably intertwined the traditional spaghetti western with contemporary settings and topics, injected the author’s own brand of sometimes not so subtle humor (in a good way), to create a not so common hero.” – D.A. Kentner, award-winning author

“Looking for an action adventure story that not only you will like but that your kids can read and enjoy as well? Or maybe you want a good science-fiction story that brings unheard of creatures leaping off the page? Or how about a story about a hero who always chooses to do what’s right? If you’re interested in any of these, then Wade Boss Hybrid Hunter is for you.” – Delia M., Goodreads reviewer


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