inflames6x9-1In Flames by Erin Zarro
Type: flash fiction anthology
Genre: Various
Price: FREE
Where to Get It:

This flash fiction anthology – my first – consists of six flash fiction stories, as well as an exclusive four-chapter excerpt of my debut novel, Fey Touched, book 1 of the Fey Touched series.

The flash stories are the following:

Blindsight – A cancer patient takes an experimental treatment, but the side effect is horrific. Or is it?

The Stranger – A grief-stricken widow has her husband resurrected – except there’s a slight problem…

In Flames – A pissed off angel sentences everyone to hell, but refuses to see the truth.

The Beautiful Woman -A deformed man is suddenly attractive but the woman he wants isn’t what she seems.

Marionette – A serial killer finds he can control every victim except one…

The Last Kill – A rehabilitated murderer faces madness when her victims become voices in her head.


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