dangerousDangerous Times by Philip Frey
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DANGEROUS TIMES is a neo-noir crime thriller with the pull of the unpredictable. This book is not for the squeamish. It begins as a creepy slow burner that leads to betrayal, sex, violence, and murder.

Frank Moore is a diabolical criminal who has come up with an outrageous, malevolent plan. After a frustrating search he has finally found the key to its success. Frank has found his look-alike, a close-enough double: John Kirk.

John Kirk leads a troublesome life in the harbor city of San Pedro, common troubles that escalate to the dreadful when Frank Moore comes to town. John Kirk, hunted down and pegged for death without knowing why.





What they’re saying:
DANGEROUS TIMES unravels at a steady pace and as the tension intensifies so does the intricacies of the plot. As I went from one chapter to the next I kept wondering how is this going to end? Frey has created a tense, enthralling thriller with elements of a harsh criminal underworld and yet there are moments of tenderness. With simple, clean descriptions, it’s a story of ‘everyday’ people’s fears, hatred and willingness to survive—no matter what. A highly recommended read.

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