siren coverThe Scoundrel’s Secret Siren by Daphne du Bois
Genre:  Regency/Historical Romance
Price: 99 cents
Where to Get It:
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He could deny the truth no longer: the most valuable thing he’d ever won in a game of chance was the heart of Miss Lorelei Lindon. Was love not the greatest gamble of all?

When bored Miss Lorelei Lindon sneaks out in the middle of the night in search of ghosts, she finds rather more than she bargained for in the enigmatic Lord Winbourne. And when he does a dastardly thing and steals her treasured necklace as a memento of their midnight encounter, she must find a way to retrieve it without causing a scandal.

Lord Winbourne is certainly a mystery and he seems determined to make her whole world unravel. How can one man burn with such passion one moment, and assume such a frosty façade the next? Will Lorelei be able to retrieve her trinket without losing her heart and her virtue to the irresistible rake? Is she a complete wanton or is the passion between them so wrong that it must be right? And will he acknowledge the true depth of his own passion before it is too late?

Throw in a few well-meaning relatives, a niece stubbornly caught up in her own romantic dilemmas and duel to the death, and Lorelei’s life will surely never be boring again…

What they’re saying about it:

I would recommend The Scoundrel’s Secret Siren to anyone who enjoys a good romance taken place long ago, with a dark, mysterious man who will steal your heart. – Tanya

This is a charming Regency romance written in the style of traditional regency romance – but not without sexual tensions between the lead characters. – Mary C.

I love the way the romance grew between Lord Winbourne and Lorelei. And I loved their dialog through out the story. If you love the 19th century England, this is the book for you. The author did a great job. It is very well written and provides detail that makes the reader eager to turn the page. It makes you feel their emotions and the passion that keeps growing stronger and makes it impossible to deny what they really feel for each other. I loved the book! – Lilian Robers



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