Bitter Orange - Cover - 1600x2500 - 300dpiBitter Orange by Marshall Moore
Genre: Fiction
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:
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Seth Harrington can be invisible or undetectable, but he is not a superhero. The ability only works in morally grey situations; the rest of the time, he can’t turn it on and off at will. There are no easy answers or expected outcomes in Marshall Moore’s exploration of urban life and the ways that people can disappear.

What they’re saying about it:

Chicago Center for Literature and Photography: “Bitter Orange has come out at the right time in light of society’s interest in the superhero genre. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on television and caped crusaders from Marvel and DC filling up megaplex screens, we both cherish our heroes, but at the same time cringe at the excesses superheroes could unleash on a unwary population. Moore’s novel has a lot of things going for it… Another aspect of the novel’s brilliance is Moore’s power of description. Whether it is a vacation in Spain or a Vicodin high, there is an immediacy and snarky genius to the descriptions… Marshall Moore has written a novel that is effective in its psychological nuance and its acidic portrayal of a post-9/11 corporate burnout.


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