Front Cover MedA Humble Heart by Tim Vander Meulen
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Price: $.99
Where to Get It:
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An epic fantasy of war and adventure! The leader of the Elves in the south is troubled by an onslaught of Possessors against their homeland. In his investigations, he is met by a band of Dwarves and two human boys who bear the most terrible news. The kingdom of men has been invaded. As far as anyone knows, these two refugees are the only remnants of the human race in the world. The boys had first consulted the Dwarves, and now they ask for the aid of the Elves to recapture their homeland. Before the leader can make his decision, his world is turned on its head. 

“The characters are well drawn, the scenery is vivid, and adventures unfold throughout.” – The Drunken Druid


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