purpleMy Crazy Purple Pen by Ruth Whenham
Type:  Children’s picture book
Price: $2.99.
Where to Get It:
Amazon UK              Amazon




Written in lively rhyming verse, this is a delightful and amusing story about a small boy and his mischievous purple pen. The boy’s teacher, a Police Inspector, and even the Queen, become embroiled in the naughty pen’s antics. What will the boy do about the trouble that his inky friend is causing him?

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this great book to my nephew and nieces (aged 4 to 7 years). I thought the illustrations perfectly complimented the flowing narrative. The fact that it is written in verse really carries you along with the story. I think the humour of the book will appeal to a wide range of ages! I look forward to reading the next book!”

My Crazy Purple Pen features two elements that children love; a naughty central character and a funny story about a rather animated pen and its frank opinions and observations of some serious, rather stuffy people (including royalty!) Narrated by the pen’s increasingly exasperated owner, it’s a real page turner as you wonder how it will all turn out. Who will tame the crazy pen? More please!”

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