Book-cover-for-pages-300-pxEverybodys Natural Hair Care by Caroline Heim
Type: Health, Beauty, Natural Lifestyle
Price: $2.99
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I realized that most don’t know of this secret….

Do you suffer from greasy or weak hair, or do you want to get rid of dandruff?

Or are you looking for natural eco-friendly alternatives to commercial shampoo?

Then this is a book for you!

This easy to read book is for everyone who wants to learn how to obtain and keep their hair healthy and natural in everyday life.

I have throughout many years tested different natural alternatives to keep my hair clean and healthy, and eventually found what really works best.

I realized, that most don’t know of this secret, although this natural and easy-to-use alternative practically is around the
corner for really anyone!

With this book, I hope to inspire you to integrate natural hair care into your daily life – because it is really THAT easy.

Not only is it better for your own health, but likewise much better for the environment and our whole planet.

When you realize how easy and convenient it is to wash your hair with this natural hair wash alternative, and implement it into your daily life, then you no longer have
to feel bad about involuntarily having to support polluting shampoo & plastic industries…. go natural, and I tell you how!

Its easy, its safe and convenient.

I really hope more of us can start realizing these natural hair care alternatives!


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