Puppet Kingdom CoverThe Puppet Kingdom by Meridel Newton
Type: Novel
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Price: $3.99


Where to Get It:
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Red is a fairy tale brought to life by the strength of belief– she embodies Red Riding Hood in the modern world. With no knowledge of who she is, Red must learn everything anew. While living with a human family, Red slowly comes to believe that she, too, is human. Between Zack, a boy who won’t admit to anyone just how broken his heart is, his precocious and insightful younger sister, and the quiet, detached gloom of their father, Red has enough to handle. But the sudden discovery of a strange power throws her into confusion. Overwhelmed by this new power and by the realization that she alone cannot solve the family’s problems, Red runs, preparing to lose herself in the wide world.

But there is more to her story and history than she knows, and Red cannot shirk her responsibilities. An evil queen, herself a tale brought to life, starts erasing well-known fairytales from all memory, and Red is the only one who can stop her. First, she must learn who she is, and what she can become. But in order to do that, she will have to give up her humanity, and the boy who gave it to her.

What they’re saying about it:
“This is a story unlike others I have read before.” -Goodreads user Sarah

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