ALethalTime_HerringA Lethal Time and Place by Peg Herring
Genre: Crime
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:
It’s 1967. It’s Chicago. Things are happening. The Vietnam war concerns many people. Racial tensions simmer and erupt. The police force comes under scrutiny for its reaction to protesters.
None of it matters much to Leo, Libby, Roy, and Memnet. They struggle to get enough to eat while avoiding the notice of the police. They’ve got a place to stay that’s secure, though not appealing. They make a living by the “beg, borrow, and steal” method. They’ve gotten used to it, and though they aren’t happy, they’re at least content.
Things change in a hurry when the four witness a murder in Grant Park. They escape the killers, rescuing a young girl in the process, but the next day there’s no word that a crime was committed. When it becomes clear the murder was covered up, they realize two things: There’s more to this than simple murder, and they’re now in the killers’ sights, the only people who stand in the way of a daring impersonation and a shocking plot.
All they ever wanted was to remain anonymous, but everything’s different in A Lethal Time and Place.
What they’re saying about it:
Amazon Review #1 Reading a good mystery can be compared to opening presents. The writer wraps characters, plots, environments, twists, turns, and surprises in packages that the reader slowly examines, shakes, guesses about, and finally unwraps. Ms. Herring is a “master wrapper”. In “A Lethal Time and Place” we are presented with packages galore. The main characters are timelessly enchanting, their situations in life are clouded in mystery, and unwrapping them is a real challenge. The “time and place” is fun and nostalgic. The questions abound.. Who is Norman, and what did he do? Will Charlene remain a shallow bimbo? Will Roy and Memnet find true love? Would I recommend this book? Of course, it is “groovy”.
Amazon Review #2 I was engaged immediately, drawn into the story and intertwining characters, my curiosity piqued – exactly what I want in the start of a relationship with a book. The ingredients of the plot and identities of the characters are clearly defined, but the timeline muddled – I expect intentionally so.
I enjoy the 60’s references and was not confused by any, since they each had contextual clues in case the reader is unfamiliar with the decade. I immediately wanted to learn more about each of the four characters’ backgrounds, how they came to be in their present circumstance, what the catastrophe was that occurred, and who is still looking for the

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