Burn It-Jennifer CieBurn It by Jennifer Cie
Type: Novella
Genre: Non-fiction
Price: $1.00
Where to Get It:



With the rest of her life ahead of her, Jennifer is taking a step back. As she reflects on what was once next, Jennifer dives in the past, finding mortality in no longer remembering how magical the world felt as a child, apologizing for the moment she could not be her Prince Charming’s Cinderella, and lamenting the idea that in death people forget “there doesn’t have to be a dead body in the room”. A collection of “what I wish someone would’ve told me” narrative exploring youth, love, and death, the reader is taken on a riveting ride through Jennifer Cie’s past as she accepts the present. 

What they’re saying about it:

“Burn It, written by Jennifer Cie, is like a piece of 90% dark chocolate…. a bittersweet experience. Mostly bitter but with a trace of sweetness. (Oh, and by the way, I love 90% dark chocolate.) Burn It is just like that–a memoir of bitter memories and thoughts with a shot of sweetness here and there.” –The Book Landers

A beautiful narrative that captures a lot of the emotions felt by the struggling Gen-Y generation out there. Jennifer Cie accurately describes the emotional roller coaster all modern twenty-somethings are facing today.” –Goodreads reviewer


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