strong womenStrong Women, Strong Love: The Missing Manual for the Modern Marriage by Poonam Sharma
Genres: Relationships, Marriage
Price: $0.99 Days: Feb 15-19
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Why do strong women struggle with marriage problems even though they are so successful in other areas of their lives?

How do you stop feeling trapped, resentful, and alone in your relationship?

Is it really possible for a woman to be strong and have a happy marriage too?

In Strong Women, Strong Love: The Missing Manual for the Modern Marriage, licensed psychologist, Dr. Poonam Sharma, reveals how to effectively navigate the marriage problems you may have encountered…all while maintaining your self-confidence and strength as a woman.

Use the practical and straightforward advice in this marriage manual to help you learn how to:

Avoid the common triggers that will instantly make your husband feel defensive.

Eliminate the dangerous behaviors research confirms will ruin your marriage.

Practice the essential habits necessary for creating deep intimacy and passion that last.

Be honest in a way that draws your husband closer.

Build a lifestyle that protects and nurtures your relationship for years to come.

A successful marriage is one of the most important, meaningful, and loving bonds you can experience in a lifetime. Don’t settle for less.

Stay true to yourself, and use the insights you gain from this powerful relationship manual to create the relationship of your dreams.


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