crowdThe Crowd by KT Vapor
Genre: Mystery
Free on Feb. 18 to Feb. 20
Where to Get It:

A rookie agent’s renegade decision could cost her a career at the FBI. Or her life.


25-year old rookie FBI agent Jane Shepherd never thought she’d find herself in this position. Over a month after graduating from Quantico, Jane was parked behind a desk, assisting in a cut-and-dry white collar case. The young agent was anxious for some action. Little did Agent Shepherd know, she was about to get more than she bargained for.


Four bodies. 24 hours. A frightening and fearless serial killer stalked the small town of Salem, New Hampshire. The overwhelmed police force called for assistance from the FBI. “The case is not under our jurisdiction, so just go up to Salem and help the local PD gather up forensics,” Richmond FBI Chief Ronco told the rookie. Agent Shepherd finally found herself out in the field. And into the fire.


The killings soon spread to New York City. As the FBI takes over jurisdiction of the case, Agent Shepherd finds herself outmatched by a brilliant psychopath. In order to turn the tables on the killer, the young agent enlist an army of “online detectives.” But her decision could cost her a career at the FBI…And perhaps her own life


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