puppyPuppy Love Bundle by Tim Carter
Genre: Advice, How To, Dogs, Family and Relationships
Free Days: Mar 18-22


This is Edition 10 of the biggest and best puppy information package on the market, readers said. If you look at the reviews of each of these books you will discover what you’ve missed. This is not some marketing-guru-turned wannabe dog trainer or certified dog whisperer or similar bullshit producer. This is serious canine insight – but not dry at all. Because it’s written by Tim. Meet Tim Carter, founder of mygermanshepherd.org, the largest breed authority site in the world. If there’s dog expertise anywhere you normally look, it’s here where you look now.

Your past focus on the household names in the dog business made you blind for the real gems among all the dog books on the market. These gems don’t come from the dog entertainers you see on TV. These gems you have to discover. They are what gems are: rare.

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