pchyThe Psychology of The Soul by Angel Cusick
Genre: New Age, Channeling, SelfHelp
Free Days: Mar 28-30


The Midwest Book Review said, “Our connection to heaven is clearer than we think. “The Psychology of the Soul” is a metaphysical psychology book from Angel Cusick as she explores our deeper thought, pondering the unconscious and subconscious, and how it connects us to heaven. With YouTube videos further elaborating on the subject matter, “The Psychology of the Soul” is a worthy read for followers of metaphysical philosophy, very much recommended.”

***This book was also an international finalist in the NEW VOICES IN LITERATURE AWARD by Writers Digest ***

A definitive guide for activating your psychic mechanism- providing simple techniques to access the hidden chambers of your mind. Practical solutions for everyday problems, can also be used to find worlds far beyond. Angel, an international Psychic-Medium, provides detailed formulas from nearly half a century of research, over 15,000 students, clients and events, blended with 50,000 years of Ancient Mystery School Studies. Life-changing. Simple. Profound.Tune in, turn on and feel good.

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