Rise_of_the_Titans_Cover_for_KindleRise of the Titans by Michael R. Shelton
Genre: Coming-of-Age/Science-Fiction
Price: 2.99 normal/free Amazon prime
Where to Get It:


Over twelve hundred years After Edom (1257 A.E.), the search for intelligent life beyond the Solar System goes too far when an ambitious aeronautics company, Daemon Technologies, steals from an alien home world. Its inhabitants, powerful creatures called Nails, drive the human trespassers back to Planet Edom where they are forced to regroup.

Within a generation, Daemon allies with the United Edom Nations and builds military academies around the world in search for soldiers capable of using the stolen technology, forged into humanoid war-machines called Titans, against their newfound enemy. Before their new weapons can be completed, however, the Nails strike first: at the heart of the Wan Empire, where Daemon took root.

Now, young corporate soldiers, led by the reluctant Ajus King, struggle to answer the call of duty against the powerful and mysterious foe that, unbeknownst to them, had been summoned by the very corporation that they work for.


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