ShiftHappens_w8140_750Shift Happens by J.C. McKenzie
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Price: $4.99
Where to Get It:]


Andrea McNelly’s job as a government agent is not asking questions, but then a routine assignment turns into a botched assassination of a Master Vampire’s human servant. Answers become a priority. Her search to discover the truth is riddled with obstacles, the largest being an oversized Werewolf who resembles a Norse god. Andy can’t afford the distraction he offers, because if she fails, she faces eternal enslavement.

Wick’s job is to monitor Andy, but he prefers more intimate activities, none of them G-Rated. His choices, however, are often not his own. His ability to help Andy is limited by his bond to the Master Vampire.

Facing many trials and challenges along her path to redemption, Andy learns the value of her freedom might be set too high.

What they’re saying about it:

Shift Happens is a wonderful new book from debut author J.C.McKenzie

It’s been 70+ years since The Purge – the era in which supernatural beings were exposed to the world. Andrea (Andy) McNelly, SRD (Supernatural Regulatory Division) agent is not your usual shapeshifter. Her special abilities along with her not-so-pleasant past result in the sass and brass she uses to overcome the challenges she must face. (None of which I’ll spoil here.)

It’s not just Andy but the wonderful cast of supporting characters that had me hooked. Blond Norse-god-like werewolf Wick, sinfully handsome (or is that sinful and handsome?) human servant Clint, chiseled-featured Asian vampire Allan, and the citrus & sunshine wereleopard Tristan (meow!)

This is the first book in a series planned by Ms McKenzie, and while Shift Happens stands alone on its own, I can’t wait for more!!


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