Creole Moon Stuart FINAL 02202014Creole Moon: A Novel of New Orleans by Genevieve Stuart
Genre: Historical Romance
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:


If you loved him, could you tell him? And would he abandon his lonely mission and give his heart to you?
New Orleans in 1847 is no place for an independent woman. Amid the intrigue and glamour of the delta city, Lucie must find her own way as she struggles to recover from devastating loss and what she fears is the end of love. The last thing she wants is to be beholden to a man – especially a man as infuriating and intriguing as the mysterious newcomer from Spain.

Stephen Arroyo is known in New Orleans as a cool-headed gambler with a shadowy past. Robbed of what was most precious to him, Stephen is caught in a fierce battle for revenge and redemption.

Lucie and Stephen need each other, in ways they can only begin to understand. But can they overcome the demons that entrap their hearts and give in to the powerful force that pulls them together?

This meticulously researched and wildly romantic historical novel takes readers from the jungles of Mexico to the glittering elegance of 1840’s New Orleans. Creole Moon is the first Kindle ebook release from historical romance author Genevieve Stuart.

What they’re saying about it:

This book was hard to put down! Fascinating setting, interesting characters and a nicely driven storyline. The descriptions of life in New Orleans at this point in history will make you long for the adventure it offered. The depictions of the various levels of society ring true. Beautifully written. I loved this book and dare you not to fall in love with the hero.

I needed a suspension of current time – where women were feminine, strong and independent and the men were handsome, gallant and swarthy. I wanted to be taken to another place and time – New Orleans in the mid-1800s was perfect! Provocative chemistry, sigh-worthy romance and a compelling storyline. Worth the read!


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