brokenNo More Broken Hearts by Emily Josephine
Free Days: May 21-25
Genre: Nonfiction / Love & Relationships


Do any of these descriptions fit you, my fellow females? You have had several – even numerous – boyfriends, but you have yet to find your soul mate…you have read several relationship books and that advise you to play mind games or change your personality in order to hook a man, but so far their methods aren’t working for you…you want to find your soul mate, but have gotten so burned in a previous relationship you’re not sure you should try again…you are tired of suffering broken heart after broken heart.

I know what it feels to have your heart pulled out of your chest, slammed onto the floor, and stomped on. The good news is, I learned the mistakes that I and many other women make in trying to find the man of their dreams, and now I have been happily married to mine for almost a decade.

Interested in learning the mistakes to avoid? Ready to get radical – and find out how to find your soul mate the right way, the “No More Broken Hearts” way? Then let this book be your guide to romance that works – and sticks!


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