frFrailty of Crystal, The Locket by Breta Swan
Free Days: June 17-21
Genre: paranormal, fantasy, romance, suspense, horror, new adult
Where to Buy:


A dark and devious love story for paranormal fantasy fans looking for something a little twisted.

Cora came to the Ticking Realm from an immortal land of magic and mystery. It hasn’t been easy to adjust. In our world, she has only a reluctant familiar, one friend, and the fallout from a tragic relationship to keep her company. She also has very important work to do.

When she meets Justin on a business trip, she ignores her inner voice of reason and gives in to desire. After all, what harm could come from two strangers connecting for one stormy night?

But things are not what they seem. Because Cora has secrets, deep and dreadful ones. And it turns out Justin may have a few disturbing ones of his own.

Frailty of Crystal – The Locket is the first volume in a new fantasy/paranormal romance series, the Ticking Realm Books. In this introductory novella, Cora, a troubled sorceress, meets Justin…the human who could be either her destruction or her salvation.

The Ticking Realm

In the land where time is counted, sorcerers and witches from other realms have bonded with mortal soulmates for ages–but eternal love doesn’t always have a happy ending…

Note: Contains references to witchcraft and magic, sexual scenes, and some strong language.


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