plagueA Plague of Dissent by Nic Taylor
Genre: Thriller
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:



A Plague Of Dissent is a fast-paced political thriller, bursting with intrigue and corruption.

It paints a picture of the UK where media companies hack into personal communications at will, in search of their next headline. Of politicians lining their pockets with falsified expense claims, and crooked practices operating within the police force. Where government contracts can be bought and sold by those that have the Prime Minister’s ear, and where banks and corporations make millions at the expense of the man in the street.

It is a story of greed and corruption; where riots and civil unrest are turning the country upside down, and a small group of men who are attempting to use this spreading anarchy to further their own agendas.

Into this nightmare scenario are dragged a young man Adam, his girlfriend Isobel and his brother Dan, a professional rugby player and England wing forward. They are pursued by faceless men who believe they are party to information that could compromise their mission. They have two choices: to run, or to turn and fight for their lives.


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