Cover Trail_of_Dead webThe trail of the dead: Part 1: Devils by Michael White
Type: Novella
Genre: Horror
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:


“I’m impressed. You’re a natural born killer. And, with that, a worthy new member in our illustrious ranks.”

“What are you… talking about? I’ll kick the bucket here, if you… ”

“No. You won’t die. At least not here and now. Everything in due time. Believe me, for you, death will be the beginning of your career.”

Lee’s Wish for Revenge…

Her family was massacred and she was left to die in the desert with two bullets in her back. But Lee is saved by Pete and his gang and can escape the killers.

When, after years of flight, she encounters the trail of the murderers by accident, she sees the chance has come to get revenge – and gets caught in a deadly trap!

…leads her directly into the heart of darkness

A servant of the ancients manages to get Lee under his control and transforms her into a child of the darkness.

To gain her freedom back, she signs a bloody contract – yet, in the meantime, the restless dead have picked up her scent, and Lee realizes that her journey to the end of night has just begun.

Comments of Readers

“An all around successful female figure!”

“Forceful and impressive, without lapsing into clichés”

Words of the Critics

“With Lee, Michael White created a strong, female character, who really has nothing at all in common with Twilight-Bella.

As a reader, one gets a hard-hitting and powerful image of how a person acts, who basically always has to violate her own moral principles. Lee is no child of melancholy and has, God knows, no problem in asserting herself with all means available to her. And yet she is a beaten, sensitive person, whose life is a solitary battle.

I find this character portrait to be extremely successful and, just for this, the novel got the highest number of points.”

5/5 stars


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