OracleThe Oracle of Baal: A Mick Chandra Mystery by Rebecca Yount
Type: Novel
Genre: Crime
Price: $3.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon     Kobo      Nook



In his most bizarre case, Anglo Indian Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector Mick Chandra and his partner, Hong Kong-born Elizabeth Chang, face the challenge of exposing a sex and suicide cult, the Oracle of Baal, which persuades its clients that death is the way to ultimate transformation and eternal truth. But before these vulnerable believers kill themselves, they are coerced into signing over their financial assets to the Oracle’s leaders.

The story is carried by a diverse cast of characters : Dr. Solomon Deal, a professor at the University of London who is an expert on cults and cult mentality; Madame Angeline Love, the cult leader, who insists that Baal is only a self-help group; Spencer Arlen, Love’s assistant and much younger romantic interest; Susan Evelyn, a victim’s daughter, who provides valuable information to Mick about her mother. Finally, Prunella Hamley, who was brutalized by Baal when she attempted to leave the cult. It is Pru who fingers Love and Arlen, bringing them to justice.

“This is the best Mick Chandra mystery so far. With a captivating subject matter and written so well, it’s an absorbing, can’t put it down read.”—Shalini Ayre Book Reviews


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