forForgiveness & Forgiving; Choose To Forgive And Reclaim Your Potential For A Happier Life by Mark Zane
Genre: SelfHelp, Family, Relationships
FREE July 20-24
Where to Get It:


Forgiveness & Forgiving; Choose To Forgive And Reclaim Your Potential For A Happier Life, is key to making your own life fuller, more open to compassion, more understanding and lived with true integrity and dignity. Learning to forgive, forgiving our parents, forgiving the unforgivable is all part of growing as a person, moving on from past pain and sorrow and taking full ownership of our own lives. Forgiving others, forgiving ourselves, forgiveness and hope are fundamental building blocks of richer lives, deeper relationships and greater success. People are drawn to confidence and integrity, and learning to forgive, letting others know they are forgiven and understanding that forgiveness is a choice is your opportunity to make your life richer and more rewarding, now and each and every day henceforth.

Forgiving lies is just one part of forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving your own past is as important as forgiving your parents or an old boss, lover, friend or family member. Learning forgiveness and forgiving so those who hurt you or wronged you are truly forgiven is the truly liberating, setting you on a road to personal confidence and greater success in life.


northNorthwest Arkansas Travel Guide: Bentonville, Eureka Springs, Fayetteville, Rogers & Springdale by Lynn West
Genre: Travel
.99 Days: July 21-23
Where to Get It:

Northwest Arkansas, in the scenic Ozarks, is an emerging world-class destination for outdoor, entrepreneurial, and art enthusiasts. The Northwest Arkansas Travel

Guide captures the area’s best outdoor activities–from fishing and water sports to hiking, camping, and biking–while also showcasing its fabulous art, historical, and

cultural scene. It covers its bustling business community as well as its vibrant culinary, microbrew, and entertainment districts.

* CRYSTAL BRIDGES MUSEUM OF AMERICAN ART featuring world-class art and architecture

* THE WALMART MUSEUM a family friendly experience

* CAN’T MISS ATTRACTIONS from Eureka Springs to Fayetteville


* WHAT THE LOCALS SAY about restaurants, things to do, places to stay

* AWARD-WINNING RESTAURANTS to satisfy every taste

* HELPFUL FEATURES on museums, trails, nightlife and live music

* IMPORTANT TIPS on how to save and where to go

* ITINERARIES AND DAY TRIPS to help harried travelers make the most of their stay

THIS EDITION: Restaurant, entertainment, shopping, accommodation, attraction and spa listings are included to help you plan your stay to make the most of your visit.

LOCAL RECOMMENDATIONS: The Northwest Travel Guide offers solid recommendations from the people who actually live in the area to help visitors have a successful, pleasurable

and memorable trip. Our colorful, “What The Locals Say” sections give travelers time and money-saving tips and useful observations on eateries, lodging, and things to do.

NWA, a place where local visionaries consistently harness their dreams and turn them into world-class realities.


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