Pirate CoverCaptain Dread’s Pirate Treasure by Christina Johnson
Age: 5-8 years.
Genre: Children’s Fiction
Sale Day(s): July 27-29, 2014
Regular Price: 2.29
Sale Price : .99


Join Joe, Sam, & Fred in a search for pirate treasure in this wonderfully illustrated children’s book! You and the three friends are on a quest to find the hidden treasure of Captain Dread! There are many choices to be made but not all of them will lead you to the treasure! Will your boat sink or will you swim to shore? Will you search for treasure in the jungle or in the snow? Whatever choice you make, the story is always different…making this adventure full of unexpected twists and turns!


savingSaving Justice (Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance #1) by Tasman Gibb
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Free Dates:JULY 28-30
Where to Buy:


Marlo Croft, canine behaviorist at the Dog Haven Sanctuary in Halo Peak, Washington, has her life neatly organized. The trauma of her past is well buried, her emotions tamped down, and rehabilitating and rehoming damaged and unwanted dogs gives her the focused, contained life that makes her feel secure.

The arrival of a new rescue dog, Justice, also brings the unwelcome distraction of a handsome stranger who is to shadow Marlo and Justice through the dog’s rehabilitation.

Suffering guilt over the death of his wife, New Zealander Adam Guildford’s short contract in the US to research dog fighting is what he hopes will pull him out of the limbo he has floundered in for the past four years. He arrives prepared to tackle the emotional and behavioral needs of the rescued dogs, but completely unprepared for the way his presence unnerves Marlo and awakens his own dormant feelings.

As they start to gain Justice’s trust, Marlo loosens her grip on her inner fears and the simmering attraction between her and Adam heats up. Adam works carefully to dismantle the emotional barricades Marlo erected, until one day he unwittingly delivers the horror from Marlo’s past straight to her doorstep, an action that tears the three of them apart.

This contemporary romance contains adult themes including sexual situations, language and mature subject matter.


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