The-Dr-Pepper-Prophecies_frontThe Dr Pepper Prophecies by Jennifer Gilby Roberts
Genre: Chick lit
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:


25-year-old Mel Parker has a few tiny problems:
* Her job is terrible
* She’s been dumped yet again
* Her ex is now her boss
* Her parents think she’s a loser compared to her perfect younger sister
* All her efforts to improve her life seem doomed to failure
* There just isn’t enough chocolate in the world to make up for the above.

The one good thing in her life has always been her best friend Will, who has seen her through every crisis from lost toys to pregnancy scares. But his girlfriend (who’s prettier, better-dressed, more successful and secretly evil) is determined to replace Mel as the woman in his life and how is Mel supposed to compete?

So what do you do when you’ve pretty much given up on your own life? Help others, of course!

After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

‘I can honestly say that Jennifer Gilby Roberts is now at the top of my list of favorite chick lit authors along with Sophie Kinsella.’
— Readers’ Favorite

‘This is a very enjoyable and humourous holiday read. If you’re a fan of chick-lit, light modern reads or just want something a little less taxing then this is as good as some of the Jane Green/Wendy Holden/Adele Parks books.’
— A. Rose, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

‘This was seriously one of the funniest books I have read in a long time.’
— Chick Lit Plus

coverEmma Learns to sprout by Shir Guez
Genre: Children
Price: 0.99$
Where to Get It:


“Emma learns to sprout” is a lovely pictures book which describes in a simple and enjoyable way and with fantastic illustrations how Emma, a kindergartener, learns to sprout legumes with her mom.

Sprouting is a great way to provide your children with more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a fun, quick, simple and cheap way! It doesn’t require anything but basic dishes that are available in every kitchen. Sprouting makes favorite foods healthier, and the legumes’ sprouts can be used raw in a salad or as a snack, and they also make a great alternative in any recipes that contain legumes.
In addition to its enormous health benefits, sprouting makes a great parent-child activity.

It’s also good to know that sprouting makes legumes easier to digest. Therefore, it may help those who have a problem digesting legumes.

* According to the USDA database, sprouted legumes contains dozens and even hundreds percentages more of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients per calorie than legumes that weren’t sprouted.

“Sprouting sometimes means growing up in human talk, but it also means taking seeds of the food we love and growing them until they are ready to eat.

Emma’s mom told her one day that she was going to teach her to sprout. After she explained the process to Emma, mom asked Emma what kind of food she would like to sprout. Emma chose lentils because she loved them so much. Once you read this book, you will understand the adventure of sprouting,and the fun Emma and her mother had. Teachers/parents will enjoy reading this book to their children. They can discuss sprouting and growing your own food. The author, Shir Guez, has written a fun book filled with the adventure of growing your own food. All children love to do this. The illustrations are bright and vivid and depict the adventures of sprouting. I liked this story. Showing children how to grow food is exciting and wonderous.”


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