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Bargain eBooks #737:

Run the Race Large CoverRun The Race by Nancy Bandusky
Genre: Christian Suspense
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
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Despite the hardships, the suffering and pain, and even the persecution, there is only one thing to do: Run the race.
When Sean Atkins took a stand for Christianity that was just the beginning of the battle. With the persecution of Christians in the United States intensifying, the resistance must take a drastic path. Laws will be broken; lines will be crossed. Amongst the confusion of right and wrong, friends become traitors, secrets are revealed, and a man from the past enters Sean’s life with the desire to extinguish the faint beacon that still glows in the United States of America. Lives are turned upside down through deception and betrayal as the resistance begins to turn on itself. At the end of the race, who will be left standing?
This is the second book in the Challenge trilogy set in the present day United States. A romance sub-story line weaves throughout.

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