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divDivided Realms by Catherine L Vickers
Type: Trilogy
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It:

The destiny of four young people living their ordinary lives, changes  almost overnight. The youngest, Prince Raphael, thought to die young  through illness, is kidnapped by the evil Emperor of the Dark Side of  Aarabassa. His ransom is Heather, the Changeling and key to enabling his vamplin army to enter the Light Lands once he has used the Fire Giant  to destroy the Magic Wall. Prince Leon and Prince Amos must travel the  realms to unite the People of the Light Lands in readiness for a battle  to stop the evil monshaad Emperor from destroying the Magic Wall.  Dragons, Dwarves, Centaurs and many a creature will fight for the  continuation of their races.

What they’re saying:

“Really enjoyed it. Hugely descriptive and you can empathise and care for each character  with some twists and turns in the story. Prepare to be fully engrossed.  Can`t wait till next one”


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