Guide – Please Read!

Welcome to Bargain eBooks!

I post a new Bargain eBook every 24 hours and feature books of all genres and tastes.  All eBooks are under 5 dollars at the time of posting, and some are even free!  I accept recommendations for eBooks from both readers and authors.  See the submissions tab for more info.

Also, I try my best to include review snippets for each eBook that posts, so that you can be sure you’re purchasing an eBook that suits your taste.  I have not personally read the books that I post, so be sure to refer to the reviews and sample before you purchase any eBook! 

A quick note on free eBooks on Amazon:

Many eBooks now are being offered free on  Great!  But if you find that a book is being offered for free on Amazon when you click through a link, check to make sure the price doesn’t say “Amazon Prime” next to it somewhere.  If you see the word “Prime” near the red “$0.00”, then the eBook is only free if you’re an Amazon Prime member, and you WILL be charged for the eBook if you’re not one! 

Most eBooks that post on this site with only an purchase link are enrolled in the Prime program.  The reason behind this is that authors are required to remove the eBook from all other vendors to participate.  (I personally have not done this.)

A quick note on Amazon Reviews

I encourage everyone purchasing eBooks from this site (or any other site) to read the customer reviews or sample before purchasing.  I cannot ensure the quality of any eBook that posts here.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake reviews written for eBooks out there, or reviews written by friends or family of the author, or even negative reviews from trolls who feel the urge to “get revenge” on an author for some reason.  Most authors have one or two reviews from friends, as they tend to want to help us out (this has happened to me without my asking), but they should not be the majority of a book’s reviews. 

Thankfully, there are ways to tell if reviews are legitimate or not. 

One way is to look for an “Amazon Verified Purchase” line near the top of the review.  This reduces the chance of it being a fake review, but doesn’t eliminate it!

Not all legitimate reviews have this, however.  Some may be from book bloggers or book review websites and thus be without a Verified Purchase tag.  These reviews tend to be more lengthy and detailed than other reviews, and the customer’s username might show this (for example, “Bibi the Book Reviewer” is probably from a book blogger.)

Be wary of any eBook that has, say, forty customer reviews, and all of them are five stars and generally lacking Verified Purchase tags.  NO book, and I mean NO book, gets away with that legitimately.  All books eventually get a bad review or two if people are really buying and reading it.

Basically, if a book has mostly good reviews from Verified Purchase customers and book bloggers, the reviews are detailed, AND the book has one or two crappy, “I-wanted-to-gouge-my-eyes-out” reviews, then it’s probably legit and worth buying.  It means that the book is able to sell and most people who purchase it are enjoying it, and greatly reduces the chance that you’re being tricked my false reviews. 

Of course, some books haven’t had the time to gather many reviews yet (they do take time to get!) so the best way to determine if these books are worth buying is by sampling.  Both Kindle and Nook have this feature.

2 responses to “Guide – Please Read!

  1. Smashwords also has a sampling option.

  2. This is an excellent post and contains some great tips for helping readers discern between fake and real book reviews.

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