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Puppet Kingdom CoverThe Puppet Kingdom by Meridel Newton
Type: Novel
Genre: Young Adult Fantasy
Price: $3.99


Where to Get It:
Smashwords            Amazon
Red is a fairy tale brought to life by the strength of belief– she embodies Red Riding Hood in the modern world. With no knowledge of who she is, Red must learn everything anew. While living with a human family, Red slowly comes to believe that she, too, is human. Between Zack, a boy who won’t admit to anyone just how broken his heart is, his precocious and insightful younger sister, and the quiet, detached gloom of their father, Red has enough to handle. But the sudden discovery of a strange power throws her into confusion. Overwhelmed by this new power and by the realization that she alone cannot solve the family’s problems, Red runs, preparing to lose herself in the wide world.

But there is more to her story and history than she knows, and Red cannot shirk her responsibilities. An evil queen, herself a tale brought to life, starts erasing well-known fairytales from all memory, and Red is the only one who can stop her. First, she must learn who she is, and what she can become. But in order to do that, she will have to give up her humanity, and the boy who gave it to her.

What they’re saying about it:
“This is a story unlike others I have read before.” -Goodreads user Sarah

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The Contact_Albert Sartison_300x480The Contact Episode One by Albert Sartison
Genre: Sci-Fi
Price: $0.99 USD
Where to Get It:

The book takes the reader to the end of the 22nd century, where he will
experience mankind’s first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization
along with the main hero Steve, a scientific assistant at a Chilean
observatory. Finding itself in the position of the less developed culture,
and realizing the danger of the situation, the human race tries with all
its might not to let the situation get out of control. Does mankind have a
chance, or is its fate pre-ordained?
What they’re saying about it:

“Outstanding start to a science fiction series”

“I liked the book because Albert Sartison manages to combine
scientifically plausible technology with realistic human reactions.”

“Fast pace, realistic situations. Worth a read even if sci-fi is not a
particular interest.”

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Book cover RHBeneath Outback Skies by Alissa Callen
Genre: Romance
Price: $2.61
Where to Get It:
US Amazon      UK Amazon 


Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her wheelchair-bound father, Connor, and fighting for her remote, drought-stricken property, Banora Downs. Least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait Cavanaugh, whose smooth words are as lethal as his movie-star smile. Except Paige can’t help noticing that, for a city-boy, Tait seems unexpectedly at home on the land. And he does ask a lot of questions…It doesn’t matter how much he helps out or how much laughter he brings into her life, she soon suspects he is harbouring a big secret – the real reason he has come to Banora Downs…

What they’re saying:

It’s filled to the brim with drama, comedy, and of course good old-fashioned love and romance. ”–TashNz

I loved this book because of the characters (hero and heroine, as well as secondaries) and the depiction of life in the outback.

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AversionAversion by Kenechi Udogu
Type: Long novella
Genre: YA Paranormal
Price: $0.99
Where to Get It:
Amazon       Barnes and Noble        Kobo        iTunes
For Gemma Green’s first time, things should have been straightforward. Find your subject, hold their gaze and push a thought into their head to save them from future disaster – Aversion complete. A pretty simple process given that the subject was to have no recollection of the experience. But Russ Tanner doesn’t seem to want to forget. In fact the more she tries to avoid him, the more he pushes to get to know her. Gemma knows she has a problem but is she facing the side effects of a failed Aversion or has the school’s tennis champ really fallen for her?
What they’re saying:
“This is an excellent, well-written, exciting story. I was completely drawn in by the characters. Gemma kept me enthralled, laughing and cringing all at the same time. Her innocence and gullibility are believable and kept me rooting for her. The many twists and turns throughout the book kept me guessing and are all surprises but did not jolt me from the fantasy world the book has created. I can’t wait for the next installment!” – posted on Readers’ Favorite.
“What a great read! I really liked Gemma. She was genuine and told the story in a way that made me immediately want to know more about her and her family. Gemma makes a smart yet vulnerable heroine as she searches for who she really is and her role in the history of her people. The passion between her and Russ was palpable and I really think Kenechi Udogu captures the thoughts and feelings of a hormone driven teenager well.” – posted on Amazon

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Laryn Rising Final (1)Laryn Rising (The Chronicles of Nequam, Book One) by Jenny Baxter
Genre: General Fiction/Futuristic
Price: Free
Where to Get It:




Conditioned to abuse and control, Laryn is also incredibly determined to protect her family and keep them together—even if it means risking the unknown and leaving behind Earth, and all the technology and security it holds.


Every aspect of life is dictated for citizens of the Federation’s lowest class, so Laryn and her sisters—despised misfits in the genetic caste system—are shocked when the Feds give them a choice: stay and face separation and the dangers of communal housing, or join a group of colonists traveling to a pastoral colony on the distant planet of Nequam.


‘Pastoral’ is just another word for primitive—a concept Federation citizens can hardly comprehend—but Laryn and her sisters decide to risk the unknown and board the colonial transport ship bound for frontier life.


Quickly discovering that freedom means responsibility, they struggle to learn the skills required for a life of self-sufficiency. All of it is overwhelming, but nothing compares to the difficulty of sorting out the social and emotional challenges of their new culture.


For Laryn things become even more difficult when a man slips past her carefully built defenses, and she is soon faced with the impossibility of choosing between the love of a man and the security of her family.


Wrestling with her priorities and struggling to choose between her sisters and the newly-discovered wonder of love, it seems to Laryn that both sacrifice and loss are unavoidable as the Speedwell hurtles ever closer to her new home.


Unpredictable and emotionally charged, Laryn’s story is about self-discovery and the harsh realities of choice. Desperate to find where peace and accountability meet, she must choose—but how will she decide?


What they’re saying about it:
“Couldn’t put this book down! Basically skipped life for an entire day so that I could see what happened to Laryn & her family. And now I’m ANXIOUSLY waiting to read book 2.”


“I couldn’t put it down . . . The cast of characters are delightful. I felt a myriad of emotions from laugh out loud moments to body shaking sobs of heartbreak. I don’t think I’ve ever connected so fully to a cast of characters before and I believe its due to the author’s talented style of telling a story in a way that you completely immerse yourself in their world. Bravo!”



“I loved this book. It was one I couldn’t put down. I was glued to it from the first chapter.”


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Final_Cover_JPEG(1)Telegraph Hill byJohn Nardizzi
Genre: Crime fiction, mystery
Price: $4.99 — on sale for $.99 Dec. 5th & 6th
Where to Get It:




Since being released as an ebook in 2012, “Telegraph Hill” has gathered rave reviews from readers and reviewers for spot-on riffs on San Francisco, and brilliant crime writing in the vein of Parker and Lehane.
In “Telegraph Hill”, private detective Ray Infantino searches for a missing girl named Tania. The case takes him to San Francisco, the city he abandoned years ago after his fiance was killed. Thrust into his old city haunts, Ray finds that Tania may not be lost at all. Tania saw a murder; and a criminal gang, the Black Fist Triad, wants to make sure she never sees anything again.
Ray enlists help from an old flame, Dominique, but now he has three women on his mind. Meeting with various witnesses—ex-cops, prostitutes, skinheads—he relentlessly tracks the evidence. But the hunt for Tania fires his obsession with avenging the murder of his fiance. When the triad retaliates, and blood begins to flow, Ray must walk the knife edge between revenge and redemption on the streets of San Francisco.
What they’re saying:
“. . . Nardizzi is an excellent craftsman and his writing is the antithesis of the one-dimensional, overheated thriller. His descriptions of San Francisco and Boston are spot-on and he manages to create a compelling neo-noir atmosphere with seeming ease. His descriptions of Telegraph Hill are keenly evocative.” – All Things Crime Blog
“I don’t usually consider myself such a fan of noir, but this book firmly fits within that genre (as well as the thriller and lawyer/thriller genres). It’s also, however, a really good read, with well-drawn characters, a plot which moves right along, intimate portrayals of Boston and San Francisco, and an ending which leaves room for more. As a bonus, the prose is thoughtful and poetic. John Nardizzi has written a good thriller which is also honestly a novel, and avoids being one of those briefly involving but all-too-soon completely forgettable books we all have likely read plenty of. Well worth the price of admission! ” Amazon Review

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FateInterrupted_prequelbBrooke & Ben: Before Fate Interrupted by Kaitlyn Cross
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Where to Get It:
In this stand alone story, Brooke and Mandy throw the Halloween party to beat all Halloween parties but when he walks through the door, the stage is set for disaster. Brooke doesn’t know it yet, but her life is about to change. Everyone has those rare, defining moments when a simple reaction, good or bad, can alter everything thereafter. And tonight, where masks hide more than faces, will be no different.

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houseThe House With the Wraparound Porch by Mary Pat Hyland
Genre: Family Saga/Historical Romance
Price: $3.99 (Until Dec. 25)
Where to Get It:
Amazon    Smashwords

Along an elm-canopied boulevard rising from a quaint Finger Lakes
village stands a magnificent Queen Anne-style house. In the summer of
1920, when Mame McGrath and her family move in across the street, she
notices a catatonic young man rocking on its wraparound porch. Mame, a
newly hired elementary school teacher, proclaims boldly that she can, and
will, restore this man’s psyche—devastated by a drowning in Keuka Lake.
What she doesn’t anticipate is that he and this house will become the
center of her life. The House With the Wraparound Porch weaves a riveting
tale of the four generations to whom this home becomes more than a shelter
from life’s storms. It houses their memories of triumphs and failures, of
joys and sorrows that ripple across nine decades. Though many will move
on, this house will always be a part of them, because it resides always
within the deep heart’s core.

What they’re saying about it:

“I was hooked from the first door slam. I had to know what will happen
next when I got to the end of each chapter. At the end, I closed the book
and cried. My tears were from sadness that the story ended and from the
tension in the story. You Have TO READ THIS BOOK!” ~ Beatrice,

“The characters are real and familiar, and so are the issues and choices
the various members of the family face. I now want to dance by the light
of the blue moon, and enjoy a glass of wine and a chat on the wraparound
porch with the McNamara sisters.” ~ Cinda, Barnes & Noble

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Book-cover-for-pages-300-pxEverybodys Natural Hair Care by Caroline Heim
Type: Health, Beauty, Natural Lifestyle
Price: $2.99
Where to Get It




I realized that most don’t know of this secret….

Do you suffer from greasy or weak hair, or do you want to get rid of dandruff?

Or are you looking for natural eco-friendly alternatives to commercial shampoo?

Then this is a book for you!

This easy to read book is for everyone who wants to learn how to obtain and keep their hair healthy and natural in everyday life.

I have throughout many years tested different natural alternatives to keep my hair clean and healthy, and eventually found what really works best.

I realized, that most don’t know of this secret, although this natural and easy-to-use alternative practically is around the
corner for really anyone!

With this book, I hope to inspire you to integrate natural hair care into your daily life – because it is really THAT easy.

Not only is it better for your own health, but likewise much better for the environment and our whole planet.

When you realize how easy and convenient it is to wash your hair with this natural hair wash alternative, and implement it into your daily life, then you no longer have
to feel bad about involuntarily having to support polluting shampoo & plastic industries…. go natural, and I tell you how!

Its easy, its safe and convenient.

I really hope more of us can start realizing these natural hair care alternatives!

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purpleMy Crazy Purple Pen by Ruth Whenham
Type:  Children’s picture book
Price: $2.99.
Where to Get It:
Amazon UK              Amazon




Written in lively rhyming verse, this is a delightful and amusing story about a small boy and his mischievous purple pen. The boy’s teacher, a Police Inspector, and even the Queen, become embroiled in the naughty pen’s antics. What will the boy do about the trouble that his inky friend is causing him?

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this great book to my nephew and nieces (aged 4 to 7 years). I thought the illustrations perfectly complimented the flowing narrative. The fact that it is written in verse really carries you along with the story. I think the humour of the book will appeal to a wide range of ages! I look forward to reading the next book!”

My Crazy Purple Pen features two elements that children love; a naughty central character and a funny story about a rather animated pen and its frank opinions and observations of some serious, rather stuffy people (including royalty!) Narrated by the pen’s increasingly exasperated owner, it’s a real page turner as you wonder how it will all turn out. Who will tame the crazy pen? More please!”

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